Move your cursor over a picture and if it turns into a hand you can click on that picture and hear an audio file from that person or event.


                  Norm Schrein, station manager & current engineer                                         Kurt Farmer,  originating engineer




     Rich Apuzzo in our 2nd studio                                                                                       Randi Ricco at the mic in our first studio



Jerry Halasaz conducts an interview at Hamvention                                                    Mary Rogers interviewing folks at Hamvention
May, 2008 at Hara Arena                                                                                               May, 2008 at Hara Arena


Kevin Fodor (Jason Michaels) live from Hara Arena                                                 Harry Schrager reading PSAs in our 3rd
May, 2008                                                                                                                      studio  -- December, 2007

Norm interviews the cruise director on borad the
Carnival Cruise ship - Inspiration in 2008




Randy Morrow, Dave D'Marko and Scott Halasaz                                                  Barney Sentner and the late Steve Henly Broadcast
broadcasting a Fairmont HS football game in in 2006                                                 a UD women's basketball  game from UD Arena 


Barney Sentner & Dennis Shaw broadcasting from general                                     Barney Sentner, Dennis Shaw & Norm Schrein
seating at UD Arena during Covid Pandemic in the 2020/2021 season                    during women's basketball broadcast at UD
                                                                                                                                      Arena in 2021/2022 season


  Barney Sentner and Dennis Shaw interview UD women's basketball head coach Shauna Green prior to the 2021/2022 season



Former Flyers Karah Cloxton & Nikki Oakland           Broadcasting Fairmont football from                     Inside the Fairmont Pressbox
being interviewed at UD Arena                                       Beavercreek High School                                      at Rouch Stadium


                     Hanging out the shingle at Rouch Stadium                         Broadcasting a game from Miamisburg High School


Games from our history

Wright State Women vs UD Women Basketball from 2012

Fairmont vs. Alter Football (August, 2010)


Even More Volunteers

                                         Aaron Primm - Football                                                               Norm Schrein at A-10 baseball championship


Barney Sentner                                  Bill Mahle                                  Dave D'Marko                              Jim McGuire
Basketball, Football, Baseball          Football                                       Early Fairmont  Football,              Football, Special Events
                                                                                                                 UD Baseball             



Randy Morrow                                Sean Leo                                        Shane Kinder                                 Steve Henly                    
Football                                            Football                                           Football & Technical                    Basketball & Football



Dennis Shaw, Football,                     Alex Mikos, Basketball                Steve Bermick, Baseball &       Shane White,
Basketball & Baseball                                                                              Special Events                           Basketball


Sue Weber, Reader                                       Abbie Farmer (on left) Special Events          Jamie Jarosik, Weather


Bill Thomas (Early UD Women's Basketball)                  Kevin Fodor (Jason Michaaels),                  Scott Halasaz, Early Fairmont
                                                                                             Market Reports                                            Football


Rich Apuzzo,  Weather                 Carl Nichols, Weather                   Brian Davis, Weather


 Kim Farris, Reader                      Noel Baldwin, Outdoors Program, Reader    Melissa Barrington, Weather


Tara Hastings, Weather                                    Eric Mann, Reader                                              Erik Zarnitz, Weather


 Donna Beran, Reader                 Debbie Warren, Reader                     Maureen Russell Hodgson, Centerville Datebook


Larry Hansgen, 9AM/PM time check   Nancy Wilson, 3AM/PM time check       Steve Karrigan, 3PM/AM time check


Carly Smith, Weather            Nancy Cartwright, 4AM/PM time check               Connie Chung, Station ID


Mike Hartsock, 11AM/PM time check     Mark Allen, 6AM/PM time check     Neil Gittelman, 8AM/PM time check


Natalie Walters, 1AM/PM time check     Don Hammond,  1AM/PM time check         Cheryl McHenry,  5AM/PM time check


Debe Dockins, Washington-Centerville         Patrick Reynolds, 10AM/PM          Rhonda Kurtsinger, reader
Library happenings                                          tune check


Holly Braly, Science and the Sea      Dr. Scott Tinker, Earth Date       Mary Rogers, Reader                 Cameron Saliga, Weather


Al Thompson, Reader                  William Torock, Crime Stoppers                          Tom Nichols, Station ID


Jamie Simpson, 1AM/PM Time Check         Peter Horan, Reader                  Allie LaForce 6:30AM/PM Time Check

We have gone through 20 years of recordings and it seems like we had a cast of thousands read some of our PSAs.  Unfortunately time and distance means that we have not been able to match up all voices to the recordings.  If you did record something for us over the past 20 years we want to say thank you and please get back in touch with us so we can get you to record more.


Information Radio On The Road


Covering Boomer Esiason               At the Dayton Celtic Festival       Doing an interview from top of the Willis Tower
talking about CF in March 2009      July, 2003                                      Chicago, Illinois


Doing an interview at a festival in Dallas, Texas                                 Noel Baldwin talks baseball with Tom Nichols who is
                                                                                                                 the Dayton Dragons radio sportscaster


Steve Bermick at the neighborhood garage          Rich Apuzzo doing a live interview at the Dayton Hamvention
garage sale in Kettering, August 2008                   from Hara Arena in May, 2008


Covering the John McCain ralley at                Covering the Barack Obama ralley at         Talking to a vendor at a radio show in
the Nutter Center, August 2008                       5/3 Field in Dayton in October 2008             Mesa Arizona


At the Ronald Reagan Library (California) - December, 2013          Doing a live broadcast outside  from Seaside Oregon


At the Walnut Festival in Camden, Ohio      Norm does an interview at the Toledo         Abbie Farmer live on the air at the Worldaffair
July, 2004                                                       Hamfest  March, 2007                                  May, 2005



Jim McGuire conducts interviews at Hauntfest      Covering George Bush's visit to the Museum
                                                                                      of the US Air Force on Veteran' Day, 2010

Information on the road full programs from years past

Live from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley CA
Live from the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, OK
Live from the Dayton Celtic Fest in Dayton, OH
Live from 5/3 Field & the Dayton Dragons in Dayton, OH
Live from the Museum of the US Airforce with George W Bush in Fairborn, OH

How did it all start?

From Norm Schrein (Station manager):  I have been asked on more than one occasion how do people get into broadcasting and I don't have a really clear answer.  Some folks find out later in life that they have an interest while others were always fascinated with radio in one form or another.  Speaking from my point of view, my interest has always been on the technical side of how radio works.  I started out with some of my friends as teenagers who began our own neighborhood radio station.  We did not have a license nor did we bother to get one.  We just got some equipment together and a long wire and started our broadcasts along with a record player and microphone.  Our station could only be heard for a few houses nearby in our neighborhood but we were on the air!  I also had a CB radio in its hay day and eventually moved into amateur radio.  Other folks took a more professional approach to things such as taking up broadcasting in college while others did it by the seat of their pants.  No matter how they got the bug it apparently stuck and you can see by the varied ages and abilities and backgrounds  of people who have helped us over the years that no matter what their age or profession they still have that interest in broadcast radio and television.  Our station ( which originally began life as Information Radio 1610) is designed to provide public service announcements to our community and that is what we primarily do but because the the input from our volunteers our sound is professional.  If you would like to volunteer with us be sure to let me know.  You can reach me most of the time at 937-299-7226 (Tuesday-Thursday) between 11AM and 4PM.  Finally, below are a few pictures of my teen days and our radio station.  Oh, yes, thanks for listening.  Norm Schrein (Station Manager)

The really early days


This was our early days as teens   Margaret & Ted Suman, myself and              Reaching for a commercial to play at WTOL
on the air with our microphone      Gene Austin playing music for an event         in Toledo, Ohio.  No, I did not broadcast as a
and record player.                           in Island Park in Dayton, Ohio.                     teenager but they let me pose for the photo.